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1) Be Quick and cold wash only 

Wash your girls sportswear as soon as possible. Avoid letting them sit in a sports bag or in the basket for too long. You don't want to let grass stains, dirt or sweat odor to set in to the garments. 

Warm or hot washes can actually set stains into the garments and fade the colouring of the fabric. Cold washes are best for stain removal and keeping the vibrancy of your Chasing Oso Activewear in the best condition possible. 

2) Wash separately or with similar colours in a delicates bag

Washing your garments separately or with like colours will avoid any colour running from other garments onto your activewear. Washing your Chasing Oso Activewear in a delicates bag will also avoid any damage from other garments that may have rough surfaces like velcros or zippers that may catch, rub or tear your new crops, shorts or sports tights!

3) Wash and dry inside out

To ensure the longevity of your activewear turn yours crops and shorts inside out before washing. This is another tip that will prevent any potential rough surfaces, velcros, zips or snags damaging the outside of your garments. Also keeping your Chasing Oso inside out while drying will minimise any fading from the sun and heat.

4) Use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners

Number one tip is to avoid any washing powders with a strong bleaching agent. The more gentle the detergent the better it will be for your activewear. Fabric softeners, although so delightful to smell, actually put a coating over the fibres in your garments to make them softer. This can results in the logos on the garment to lift or peel off. It also affects the breath-ability of the fabric and can affect the strength of the fabric when it comes to allowing maximum stretch.

5) Do not Soak

We recommend you do not soak your kids activewear. A common issue when soaking in detergents with bleaching agents, especially when the solution is not mixed thoroughly, is it can damage the fabric, alter the colour and also weaken the structure of the fabric fibres.

6) Dry flat in shade

It is best to dry your Chasing Oso flat and out of direct sunlight. Direct sun and heat can fade your activewear. Also remember to not leave them wet for too long so after washing put them out to dry as soon as possible.

7) Do Not Iron

Do not iron your activewear. The synthetic structure of the garments will potentially melt under the high heat of an iron. Your Chasing Oso should not have the need to be ironed as when put on the body they will stretch out and you won't see any creases or wrinkles. 

8) Avoid rough surfaces

Avoid rough surfaces while wearing your Chasing Oso Sportswear. Coming into contact with bitumen, rough grass, rocks, velcro, rough timbers and alike can potentially damage the clothing, resulting in pilling, stains, pulls or tears.